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[video] my top 100 dbsk songs :)
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[Trans] 140917 Kim Tae Woo & Lee Hyori, “The class president of discipline amongst idols, U-Know Yunho, His sense of justice is overflowing”

Lee Hyori and Kim Tae Woo have chosen TVXQ member U-Know Yunho as the “class president of discipline” (ie he is full of discipline and he also instills and enforces discipline in others).

On the episode of SBS “Magic Eye” broadcast on 16 September at 11.15pm, MC Lee Hyori said, “Do you guys know who is the class president of discipline after Kim Tae Woo? It’s U-Know Yunho.”

On this day, Kim Tae Woo revealed a past incident where he got angry over the fact that the hierarchy of junior singers have disappeared. He explained the situation then, “On a music broadcast on a particular day, I went to the waiting room of Kim Jong Seo*, who was appearing together on the same broadcast, and greeted him, and he said that I was the first junior to go look for (and greet) him. At his words that nobody else came to greet him, I was angry and asked all of them to come over (and greet him).”
(*Kim Jong Seo is a member of veteran rock band, Boohwal.)

At this, the cast showed responses that (Kim Tae Woo’s actions) were not being “meddlesome”, but that it was a “sense of justice”. Seeing this response, Lee Hyori said, “The class president of discipline next in line after Kim Tae Woo is U-Know Yunho. His sense of justice is no joke”. At that, Kim Tae Woo said, “U-Know Yunho has a sense of justice even towards seniors”, causing laughter.

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Which is more adorable: his eye speaking or his rocking back and forth? Wrecking ball!!!!! That’s what he is!!!!

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time works wonders covers

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Yoochun is special

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bornfreeyunjae: yunho + mirotic

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[090115] Bolero (Music Japan)

mooseok → episode 14


[PICS] 140918 Changmin - Incheon Airport

At Incheon Airport, Siwon and Changmin changed exits when they spotted the fans there. Changmin literally sprinted into the car and closed the door. It was a car that came especially for him, and not Siwon’s van. Siwon met up with the fans outside for a while, but Changmin only waved a little from behind the darkened windows of the car xDD cr: 梁蛋蛋

(Kyuhyun) oppa’s best friend is indeed adorable too. Because there were a lot of fans at the airport who came into Korea for SS6, they were mostly crowded around Siwon. When I went over to pass Changmin a gift, he was a little shocked, but said thank you to me in Mandarin. He was also very gentle as he shook my hand. After that, when we were coming out of immigration, he again, very gently told me not to follow anymore. But I needed to come out too! Adorable Kyuline~~~ cr: 在墙边徘徊的蛋蛋儿2

Credits: PhoeBeeePhoeBeee + 在牆邊徘徊的蛋蛋蛋兒2 + on pic + Y_oLo_Y
Translated by: kikiikyu || Via : DBSKNights

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Siwon surprises Changmin in Rome

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Fans met Changmin and got his autograph at Bocca della Verita in Italy.

Credit: 琉璃琉璃小丸子 + Noodle_10108

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femmextraordinaire: changmin + before u go

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